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L&M Caiman Unisex Flip-Flops Sandal with Arch Suppor Correction of Plantar Fasciitis and Flat feet Eva Flat Sandals Light Yellow - B08TQJMGMT - B08TQJMGMT

  • Obermaterial: EVA-Material.

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  • About B and M CAIMAN
    More than 30 years of making shoes Focus on the development, design, foundry and production of shoes. The company started to produce sandals in 2010. It was unexpected that customers who bought sandals would actually use them in short marathons, so it became famous. Later the company focused more on the development of sandals.
    Correction with arch support Some users often have plantar fasciitis, flat feet, arthritis, overpronation, supination, heel pain, and foot-related pain. The arch support of the shoe can help reduce the pain of the foot. And after exercise, it relieves the pressure of the foot muscles, and also reduces the pain of the foot joints or related parts caused by sports injuries. Among them, the design of the broad sole can walk smoothly, the thicker heel has better shock absorption, and the comfortable material can be suitable for long-term wear.
    ✔Keep away from heat and do not expose the product to the sun, which may deform or discolor. ✔When the soles are worn flat, or deformed due to frequent use of the product, please replace it immediately. ✔When the product arrives, if the surface is slippery, you can use clean water to scrub it lightly. ✔Please use scissors to remove the tag. Do not cut the product with a knife. ✔All products are non-professional sports equipment, please use with caution.